Jan 232014

SOCIAL THINKING – 3 Day Course with Michelle Garcia Winner

9th 10th & 11th June 2014

The Grand Thistle Hotel, Bristol UK


Michelle Garcia Winner will be visiting the UK with her team in June this year for three days.   Details about the course can be found on Skybound Therapies’ website.

This course will cover many aspects of Social Thinking education and principals covering practical strategies to use in the class room and at home.  It will define and cover many of the concepts of Social Thinking and methods of communication.

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Jan 222014

Skybound Autism Therapies

Skybound Autism Therapies are a team of professionals based in the UK.  They provide week long intensive care programs from Campbell Care Farm in Pembrokeshire as well as outreach programs in the UK and abroad.

Skybound use Applied Behaviour Analysis with Verbal Behaviour to develop educational and behavioural programs for children, adolescents and adults with autism and related conditions.

Social Skill Course

At the time of writing they are hosting a three day course in Cardiff strting on the 17th of June 2013.   The Course is called ‘Assessing and Teaching Social Skills, Self Esteem & Friendship Skills’.

The Autism Show

You should also be able to find Skybound Autism Therapies at the Autism Show. This is held in London at ExCeL on the 14th and 15th of June or in Manchester on 28th and 29th of June.


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Jun 142013
Target Autism Birthday Cake

Target Autism Birthday Cake with Arrows. One Year old today!

Target Autism One Year old today!

Happy Birthday to Target Autism who have been trading one year today!

Set up last year by Ron Fortuna and Angela Capper,  Target Autism provide Training and Consultation on Autism to Northamptonshire and surrounding areas for Schools and other educational establishments.


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Jun 072013

The Autism Show 2013

The Autism Show 2013

The Autism Show 2013

The Autism Show 2013 is taking place in London in the Excel Centre this year on the 14th and 15th of  June 2013.  It will continue in Manchester for a further two days starting on the 28th  of June 2013.  It is the national event for Autism and is aimed at the two million people in the UK living with and working with autism every day.

Around 5000 people are expected to attend across the two locations to search for information, products and services.

Leading professionals will be speaking on the latest research, news and experiences.  There will be plenty of opportunity for free advice across many aspects of the condition.  For example, advice on wills, protection, sleeping difficulties, rights and occupational therapy.

The Autism Show offers more practical advice, support and information on autism in one place than you will find anywhere else in the UK.

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May 312013

Worksheets Teaching Social Thinking Related Skills

We currently stock two books containing worksheets teaching social thinking related skills.

Worksheets! For Teaching Social Thinking

Worksheets Teaching Social Thinking Related Skills

Worksheets! For Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills

This book contains 250 worksheets to offer more lessons in teaching social thinking discussed in Michelle G. Winner’s books:

These 250 lessons are in addition to those found in the books above and are used to help create lesson plans. They can be used directly with students helping them to breakdown concepts they explore.  The worksheets can be taken home to parents for them to see what the student is learning. They also allow the student to explore the concepts in different environments.

Social Thinking Worksheets for Teens and Tweens

Social Thinking Worksheets for Teens and Tweens

Social Thinking Worksheets for Teens and Tweens

This books adds to the worksheets available in the above book.  They help students focus on social functioning concepts.  Worksheets are often used when lessons start.

Available to Purchase

Both of these books are normally in stock in the UK.  If you are not able to buy them on-line, please view our ordering options here.

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